Fine art books


handmade albums

Every album is handcrafted with the highest quality, eco-friendly materials and care to beautifully showcase your wedding photos. Images are printed directly on to the page and each double spread opens out flat with an almost invisible crease so your photos can be displayed across two pages.

How to order your book.


one. Select photos

Remember, this album will depict a story of how your wedding day went. Be sure to select a multitude of images that flow together telling a story.

Each album has 30 pages (15 spreads). A spread takes up 2 pages in a book to make a panoramic styled image. If you want to add more pages, you may add extra pages (1 spread/2 pages) for 50€. For a book with 30 pages (15 spreads) select 60 "Must haves" whether they be images of you, the family, or details. Remember you don't want your pages too crowded, thats why I recommend selecting not more than 4 photos for each spread. A book with 15 spreads= 60 photos. For each extra spread you can add 4 photos.


Two. choose your Cover

All are genuine natural leathers of the finest quality and durability sourced from manufacturers with strict animal welfare policies.



Small details mean a lot. Want to add names, dates, your bespoke emblems of the wedding? Choose between Foil Blocking or Laser Engraving.

Foil bloking- Gold or silver metallic

Laser Engraving- The process reminds us of something from James Bond, and works by removing the top layer of the material revealing the natural hues of the material underneath.


Four. Fonts

For laser and foil blocking, your standard font choice for text is Bebas, Coronation, Prata or Helvetica. For those of you unfamiliar with Coronation, it’s a font used in traditional book-binding but is similar to Century Gothic.

Order thank you cards.


Card Format: Folded Card 14,8 cm x 21 cm (A5). Envelope type: White, 100% Recycled, envelopes included.

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